Asbestos Survey

We offer a cost-effective, efficient and comprehensive asbestos survey of your property.

There is always a temptation among property owners to try and remove the asbestos components and products themselves. Some people tend to underestimate an asbestos removal project's dangers and go right ahead with the removal with little safety concern.

We work to the highest possible standards and are governed by both the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

It's always worth paying an asbestos removal company like precision asbestos removal to perform a thorough survey of your property to ensure the dangerous asbestos fibres are removed safely. Don't risk putting yourself and other peoples health at risk by trying to remove the asbestos yourself.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Asbestos Inspection by a qualified team member

Please don't try and remove asbestos by yourself. There is always a temptation by property owners to DIY remove the asbestos components and products. Instead, let a skilled Asbestos Removal Expert inspect your asbestos in order to have it removed safely.

Asbestos Removed Safely

We are a trusted company when it comes to asbestos removal. As a professional and trusted company, we go about our business following the highest safety standards. We appreciate the risk asbestos fibres pose to your environment. As such, our team of highly-qualified and experienced contractors will dedicate their skills and time to identify, test, remove, and isolate all of the hazardous material.

Asbestos Disposed of Safely

Once we have removed the asbestos from your property we will ensure that all of the asbestos is carefully disposed of. We have a process that allows us to safely transport the asbestos fibres. Our fully qualified Asbestos Removal experts will make sure their is no danger of the particles escaping into the air.