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Asbestos Found In Columns


How To Handle Asbestos Found In Columns

There is a material that is now banned construction process of any structure that is called asbestos. It was once the most popular of all materials used for insulation. It is a naturally occurring product, one that consists of many flexible fibers, which is why it is extremely heat resistant. The problem with asbestos is that the fibers can break off, become airborne, and people may end up developing lung cancer. After many decades of studies, it was decided that this material had to be removed from buildings. Here is what you need to do if you would like to test for, and ultimately remove, the asbestos that may be in columns in your building.

Why Was Asbestos Used In Building Columns?

This material is one of the best insulators that is found in nature. It was also very cheap to extract and process. Therefore, it was the ideal choice for anyone, especially contractors and architects, that was trying to save money and also insulate their buildings. Asbestos has a unique set of qualities, regardless of the dangers, which attracted builders to this material. It was relatively lightweight, extremely heat resistant, but it can also block sound effectively which was perfect for buildings in large urban areas.

Why Does Asbestos Need To Be Removed From Buildings Today?

It was only after thousands of people have developed lung cancer, specifically mesothelioma, that studies were done to discover why this was happening. It was eventually determined that the people that were contracting this condition had worked for years, or even decades, in buildings that had asbestos. Once clinical studies had conclusively shown that asbestos could lead to cancer, it was only then that a decision was made to phase out the use of this material. Therefore, if there are multiple columns in your building, and it was built prior to 1980, you will need to contact a local abatement team that can determine whether or not it is present.

How Was Asbestos Used In Older Buildings?

In the United States, this material was used for decades. In particular, it was added as an exterior fiber cement cladding which was called AC sheeting. This material was also present inflexible building boards, such as when cement tile underlayment, laundry linings, bathrooms, and even columns in buildings were installed. If your building is older than 1980, it likely has asbestos in the columns. Knowing this, if you are responsible for the safety of people in your building, you will want to contact an abatement team.

How To Test For And Remove Asbestos

The first thing that an abatement team will do is test the quality of the material on the columns. If they are able to look at a damaged sample, and the material is fraying or even crumbling, this is likely a sign that asbestos is the material. Depending upon how long the exposed section is, some people may have been exposed to the floating fibers. However, it is also beneficial because it will alert people in your building that all of the columns in the building will likely have this dangerous material.

How Will An Abatement Team Remove It?

The team will bring in professionals that will wear respirators that will prevent them from inhaling the fibers. Asbestos will be removed through various means, causing it to fall to the floor, and subsequently release the fibers into the air. Everything will be sealed off, using systems that will prevent air from escaping, and even filtration systems that will capture the fibers automatically. Once they have collected all of the larger pieces, they will then begin to treat the exposed areas. By sealing, areas where the asbestos once was, can prevent any remaining fibers from getting free. After the completion of the project, you can then use local contractors to restore the columns with safe material.

If you are operating your business in a building that was built prior to the 1980s, there is a high probability that there is asbestos in it. In particular, if you have innumerable columns throughout this facility, they may all have asbestos on the exterior that needs to be removed. Simply find a local abatement team that can run a few tests to confirm that this material is there. Using this information, you can quickly improve the quality of your worksite by addressing the potential that asbestos could be in the very columns that support your building. here...

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