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How Safe Is An Asbestos Artex Ceiling


Artex ceilings are a common sight in buildings and properties around the world. Many properties are made out of this material and the textured finish is spread throughout the structure from one end to the next.

With this type of material, it is going to come down to the integrity of the ceiling.

How Safe Is An Asbestos Artex Ceiling?

If there is asbestos in the ceiling, you are not going to be in any danger. This is a common misconception because it is automatically assumed just the presence of asbestos is going to lead to dangerous outcomes and major health issues.

This is untrue because the asbestos fibers don't spread until the artex ceiling begins to break down itself. Until then, you are going to be more than safe living inside the property.

Major Concerns


This is noted as being a serious concern with artex ceilings in properties.

In general, since the non-friable asbestos surface isn't going to be dangerous until it breaks down, you won't worry until it is time to drill holes into it. This can happen when installing something as simple as a lighting fixture and/or ceiling fan.

As a result, you have to be careful about the asbestos fibers spreading through the air inside your property.


This is a given as any type of breakage will cause the fibers to release into the air.

Artex can contain asbestos fibers, which means you have to be careful when the ceiling breaks down. This is when it is time to quickly repair it and test for any asbestos exposure that might have become a reality inside the property.

Keep this in mind or you are not going to feel safe at all.

Test the Ceiling

Your best option with a situation such as this is to determine when the ceiling was set up. The reason for this has to do with modern artex not including asbestos fibers in it.

Since the 1970s, construction companies have avoided using artex ceilings that are made of asbestos. This means you are likely not going to have something that is made of dangerous fibers that will spread through the air as soon as you drill into it.

Just having an inspection done on the property will go a long way.

Some ceilings do include chrysotile, which was banned later on in the 90s and is still known as white asbestos. You should take the time to check for this as well.

The Risks of Artex Ceilings

Let's assume you have artex ceilings at home.

Are you in danger? Should you move out right away and live somewhere else until the ceiling is replaced? No, you don't have to take such dramatic actions.

Instead, you should take the time to protect the ceiling and try to set up a protective layer on top of it. This can be done with a simple coating that is professionally layered on the ceiling. This helps ensure the breakage doesn't take place, which might lead to exposure.

In general, even if there is a bit of exposure, older artex ceilings didn't have a lot of asbestos in them. It was a minimal amount that was used to keep them water-resistant and sturdy. However, it is still important to test everything for your peace of mind.

An asbestos surveyor can help with the inspection to determine what is going on in your property and whether or not there has been exposure recently due to the artex ceiling.

This is key information that you will want to have in your hands at all times. It can determine what needs to happen next.

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