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How Safe Is Asbestos in Vinyl Flooring Tiles


How Safe Is Asbestos in Vinyl Flooring Tiles?

Asbestos is noted as being dangerous for humans as it can lead to major health issues both in the short and long-term. While this is true, it is always recommended to understand whether specific elements in the house are dangerous if they are composed of asbestos in small amounts.

One of those elements would be vinyl flooring tiles.

In general, vinyl flooring tiles with asbestos aren't deemed to be dangerous. This means you can walk on them, however, this changes as soon as it is time to rip them out of the ground during a renovation project and/or for repair work.

This is when you are going to end up being right in the line of fire with regards to your safety and asbestos exposure.

The Dangers of Asbestos in Flooring Materials

Let's dig deeper into the subject to understand the consequences of asbestos in vinyl flooring tiles when it is time to take them out.

In most cases, manufacturers take the time to mix multiple minerals into their materials. This is done to make sure they are robust, age well, and continue to look aesthetically pleasing as time goes on.

Asbestos in vinyl flooring products has been common for years.

Unfortunately, a person that ends up breathing in these fibres will be in danger. This can lead to issues involving cancer and/or other lung-related concerns.

Due to this, modern materials are not being made of asbestos and it is being removed from new-age construction products.

The real issue with asbestos in vinyl flooring tiles is seen when workers begin to remove them. This is when they start to see the fibres spread through the air. The workers end up breathing the fibres leading to health issues but it also ruins the air quality of the property if not removed professionally.

This is why it is important to keep an eye on this detail when it comes to the safety of specific flooring products inside your property.

Professionals will have the tools and materials necessary to assess whether or not asbestos is present in the flooring. You should get these tests done as soon as possible.

Types of Asbestos Materials in Flooring

There are two types of asbestos materials that are found in flooring products - friable and non-friable asbestos.

Friable asbestos refers to anything easy to break. This can be toxic because it easily spreads apart and into the air (i.e. old pipes).

Non-friable asbestos refers to anything that is built to last. This is where vinyl flooring tiles come into play. They are only dangerous when broken and/or exposed for long periods.

If the tiles are in good shape, there are not of any danger to you. This is why it is recommended to keep tabs on the health of your vinyl flooring tiles at all times if they were installed before the 90s.

Protective Layer for Vinyl Flooring Tiles

Let's assume you have taken the time to call someone in and done an inspection on the flooring. If they tell you there is asbestos in the tiles, what is your next option?

What you will have to do during this point is to create a secondary layer on top of the tiles. This protective layer is going to make sure the tiles don't break and the asbestos remains trapped in place.

This is essential because the additional layer is going to go a long way in providing peace of mind and will also ensure any breakage in the tile won't lead to immediate exposure. It will give you time to react as a property owner. This is critical if you want to stay safe.

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